or maybe a full coup

Ok, so maybe I spoke too soon. It’s a good thing no one looks to me for political insight.

BTS trains stopped running hours early tonight. Curfew is 10pm. Schools are closed for the next three days. Television channels are static screens with a military graphic and national music. Threats of an internet shutdown, but I believe that was just a rumour. My apartment building is louder than ever, since everyone is actually home. 7-11s (everywhere and always opened) are closed. I still haven’t seen any military or guns or tanks or protestors or anything of the sort. I’ve been following several Thai Twitter accounts, the Bangkok Post and Siam Intelligence Unit (article covering some of the basics of what’s happened so far here).

As a farang, especially one living and working outside of any of the major areas, I’m pretty removed from maybe some of the harsher reality of what this coup really means. Just over here enjoying an entire box of cereal, an avocado I treated myself with (it was almost $3), Modern Family streaming and a cuppa tea. Cheers, coup!


One thought on “or maybe a full coup

  1. I am considering moving to Thailand and I too live in the states. I was wondering if you could tell me, or post a blog, explaining why you moved to Thailand, why you chose Bangkok specifically. Why not another country? What made you decide to move to another country, did you have to save up money and if so how much? ( I am considering moving here myself) How long do you plan to stay for? Do you speak the language etc. I am just trying to find out all this stuff before I make the plunge and your insights would help greatly! Thank so much

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