things i’ve learned in (thai) kindergarten

1. Don’t carry tubes of glitter in your pants pocket.
2. Uniform shirt pockets make great booger holders. And when I tell them not to do that, I’M the weird one.
3. Teaching barefoot is awesome, but make sure your toes are manicured.
4. Thai teachers are feeders. (“Teacher! Eat. EAT!”)
5. Thais create really cool hairstyles on their little ones, but I can barely braid my girls’ hair.
6. Stickers get you everywhere.
7. Singing to yourself about what you’re doing in that moment is a huge hit with 3-4 year olds.
8. They don’t think farts are funny (but Teacher Meg has to leave the room…)
9. The Hokey Pokey was unknown until Teacher Meg arrived…total hit and can totally be used as bribery.
10. Prepare for heart melts every time one of your littles cups your chin to get your attention, or tries to share their blanket at nap time, or talks about you so much at home that their parents tell administration…

These photos are from our recent celebration of Khao Pansa, or Buddhist Lent.



IMG_9236 IMG_9249 IMG_9260 IMG_9262 IMG_9263 IMG_9266 IMG_9269 IMG_9284IMG_9380IMG_9402IMG_9420IMG_9393IMG_9405IMG_9397



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