cheese break

I met Angel on holiday in Koh Lipe, but I didn’t find out about his business venture until after returning to Bangkok. He owns a food truck (or food tuk-tuk, rather) called CheeseBreak with his friend Jeremy. They serve things like Philly cheesesteaks and mac’n’cheese, but I’m primarily concerned simply with the fact that those things are covered in delicious cheese. Not easy to get your cheese fix in BKK. Jeremy cooks everything right in front of you from the back of the tuk-tuk, making the wait for your sandwich to cool excruciating. But…worth it.

If you live in Bangkok, you can keep up with CheeseBreak’s movements via their Facebook page. Lately they have been frequenting Onnut market.

IMG_7916IMG_7935 IMG_7940 IMG_7915IMG_8028 IMG_8053 IMG_8063 IMG_8077IMG_7922 IMG_7943 IMG_7949 IMG_7977IMG_7973

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