khao yai redux

I met Hack at one of my favorite art galleries in Chinatown, Cho Why. His photos were being displayed during a presentation on Thailand wildlife, and I recognized Khao Yai in his photographs immediately. After the presentation, I spoke with the owner of the gallery, my friend Nick, and I was just gushing about Khao Yai when he called Hack over. Then and there we decided I would join him on his next jungle trip.

Here are the shots from our first trip to Khao Yai with a few other Thai photographers. I’m still in love with this place! Thankful to have found some more adventurous friends who understand my constant need to stop and photograph something…and who can help me with my terrible Thai.

Too lazy to write too much…so I’ll leave this here at a simple photo essay. Know that I am only capturing a tiny fraction of the beauty of Khao Yai.

IMG_9074 IMG_9079 IMG_9081 IMG_9084 IMG_9088 IMG_9090 IMG_9098

Our first sighting in the park – a pack of Asian wild dogs fighting over a deer carcass with the biggest monitor lizard I have ever seen. Nature is awesome.
IMG_9100 IMG_9105 IMG_9111 IMG_9114 IMG_9117 IMG_9127IMG_9128IMG_9129IMG_9153Sambar deer.IMG_9166IMG_9173

Searching for civets.IMG_9184CIV-OT! Not suprisingly, no one got my Friends/pivot joke 😦IMG_9204IMG_9209IMG_9214IMG_9220Barking deer.


Please be a crocodile…IMG_9242IMG_9245IMG_9262deer

Afternoon naps for all.IMG_9271IMG_9273IMG_9280IMG_9284IMG_9288IMG_9289IMG_9291IMG_9294IMG_9295IMG_9300IMG_9304IMG_9305IMG_9309IMG_9310IMG_9311IMG_9312Always a camera to the face.IMG_9314greenIMG_9332IMG_9334IMG_9336IMG_9359

IMG_9384 IMG_9387

Pa Deo-Die Cliffs on an extremely windy morning.IMG_9388 IMG_9393 IMG_9397 IMG_9399IMG_9409 IMG_9401IMG_9412-2

Apparently none of us can look left…IMG_9427IMG_9435IMG_9428IMG_9450

Coffee break.IMG_9453IMG_9470IMG_9471IMG_9475IMG_9477

Just playing with water and shutter speeds.IMG_9478IMG_9483IMG_9487IMG_9492IMG_9495IMG_9496IMG_9497IMG_9498IMG_9500IMG_9502IMG_9504IMG_9507IMG_9512IMG_9514IMG_9523IMG_9534IMG_9536IMG_9537IMG_9541IMG_9542IMG_9545IMG_9547IMG_9548IMG_9551IMG_9556IMG_9565IMG_9567

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