march mix tape

Despite “spring” kind of meaning a different thing around here (essentially the promise of being wet until september – with either sweat or rain), I still feel an extra little bounce in my step when these months roll around.

I miss the mix tapes of my angsty youth. These days, I make Spotify and Soundcloud playlists. Here’s what I’m listening to on repeat lately:


Conrad – Ben Howard
Cannot stop. This track has been transporting me to barefoot beach hangs for weeks now. Ben Howard – marry me.

Daffodils – Mark Ronson
For some reason when I talk about Ronson’s new record, I find myself using the word ‘delicious.’

Take Me to Church (Hozier cover) – Ellie Goulding

Fool for Love – Lord Huron
Pretty par for the course here – Lord Huron songs always sound like Lord Huron songs, but I can listen to their songs over and over.

10,000 Emerald Pools – BØRNS
Has that undeniable California feel, dreamy and hedonistic. By the way, it’s a dude.

Memories That You Call – ODESZA
Will forever remind me of my blissed out moments on the back of my morning motorbike.

Black Widow – Superhumanoids
Supremely chilled.

Silver Moon – Roo Panes
Taught myself this on the ukelele. More chill. March is such a crazy month for me, my tunes have to be the opposite.

On the Ground – Rubblebucket
This band is so adorably strange.

Had to Hear – Real Estate
Me, completely content: some Real Estate in my headphones, my bare feet in the grass and a breeze on my stupid smiling face.

Surfer’s Hymn – Panda Bear
Noah Lennox of Animal Collective pieces together some really interesting and multi-dimensional melodies that also seems to have some sort of Beach Boys infusion. 

And now that I’m feeling that springtime vibe, a selection of film scans from bike riding in the green lung.

03-10 03-13 03-15 03-16 03-21 03-23 03-24



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