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You really don’t need an excuse to escape to the beach. But, if I had to use one, my one-year Thailand anniversary was as good a reason as any. The trip consisted of the usual suspects: Ja, Michael and John.  Location: Koh Samet, a short drive and ferry ride from Bangkok.

We did our fair share of lazing around in the sand, sipping on beach beers and swimming in the warm sea, but we all get a little restless with that. We rented bikes (Ja and John shared, Michael and I our own…we’re not so good at sharing) and spent a day exploring the island tip to tip, and all the little dirt roads in between.

In all honesty, living in Thailand has been a bitch at times. But I have been blessed with a job, a good place to live, and some truly great friends. I have made a life here, and while some people might think I’m on a big vacation, I can assure you I’m not. Although…maybe we should all live our days like that, wherever we are.

Not sure what this year holds for me, but I do know I want to expand this site to be more than just my weekend adventures. I have been working on some new content, and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, ideas, desires…let me know! Thanks for hanging around:)

IMG_9925 IMG_9926 IMG_9928On the ferry over, we were seated along the edge of the boat, behind a Thai family. I watched in horror as the mother pulled tiny bugs from the girls hair and scalp (yes, like a monkey) and flung them into the wind…and into us. Also, Michael just informed me as I was writing this that he read about our guesthouse on this same ferry ride – and discovered the place was known to have ticks in the beds. Two months later; this is the first I’m hearing of this.IMG_9937 IMG_9939 IMG_9945 IMG_9947 IMG_9951 IMG_9953 IMG_9955Wee Michael.IMG_9957 IMG_9962palm IMG_9967 IMG_9969IMG_9976 IMG_9973 IMG_9981Cheers, mate.IMG_9988 IMG_9990Do the Ja.IMG_9974 IMG_9998friendsIMG_0008IMG_0017Everyone else enjoyed a peaceful moment on this swing…save for me. Whether it be Michael straddling it, or them twisting it up to spin me around, I was allowed no such moment.IMG_0021IMG_0030IMG_0040palmsIMG_0041IMG_0044IMG_0058IMG_0062IMG_0065IMG_0066IMG_0071IMG_0083IMG_0084IMG_0073IMG_0090IMG_0091IMG_0097grassIMG_0104The end of one side of the island was so beautiful – you had to make your way through a dark tunnel of leafy green trees, which then opened up to a windblown grassland reminiscent of the dunes I remember from Holland. As you got closer to the water, the ground morphed into jagged multicolor rock that turned black as it entered the sea. IMG_0106IMG_0107

That’s Michael’s wee head, but further down the coast, John actually fell asleep for quite a while on these rocks.IMG_0112IMG_0113IMG_0141IMG_0150IMG_0153IMG_0160splashIMG_0169IMG_0181IMG_0186IMG_0189IMG_0202IMG_0205IMG_0211IMG_0214IMG_0221IMG_0226IMG_0228IMG_0242IMG_0245IMG_0246IMG_0250IMG_0256IMG_0263IMG_0268sandIMG_0289IMG_9963-2IMG_9969-2This will make for my fifth island here in Thailand. I am still looking forward to Phi Phi (rock climbing in Krabi anyone?), however touristic it may be. What’s your favorite Thai island?

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