As soon as I read about the “monkey temple” in Lopburi, the next town north of Ayutthaya, I knew we had to go. After a simple breakfast at our hostel in Ayutthaya, we took the crowded commuter train to Lopburi, with intent to see a few more ruins and temples. By the time we made … More lopburi


A couple weeks ago, Kaitie and I decided to get out of Bangkok for a few days. We picked the old capital, Ayutthaya, full history and old ruins. A major city for foreign traders, it was described as one of the biggest and wealthiest cities in the East during the sixteenth century. UNESCO currently lists … More ayutthaya


I think the last time I was in a 7-11 was when I was just a kid – just to get a Slurpee. But here in Thailand, you go there for everything…and they are everywhere. It’s too easy to walk down there to get cookies or chocolate soy milk (me) or weird macaroni and hot dog … More 7-11