Dépaysement is a French word without a literal English translation. It is how the French describe that feeling you get when you’re not in your home country – like maybe there’s a part of you that aches for the familiar, but another part feels right at home (there’s also a sense of disorientation associated with it, and that probably applies to me more than I’d like to admit). I think I might have this feeling permanently etched into me. Don’t ask me to say the word though, my French is awful.

I’ve always dreamed of traveling full time. In college, I moved to the Netherlands. After college, Costa Rica. And the occasional, random jaunt in between, of course. That wasn’t nearly enough, and I knew it, but somehow I allowed American societal pressures to suck me into a “real job.” After trying out a few different careers and trying to jump onto the relationship-marriage-baby train, I was still unfulfilled. After taking advantage of how much my parents love me and living with them for a year rent free, I decided to see if returning to the unknown would fill that void.

When I decided to leave home and make a home in Thailand indefinitely, I had no plan and less money. Despite my overwhelming desire to just wander, I took a teaching job for my first two years here. Now that I’m done with that, I’m living that freelance life for now – photography, writing…all the things (ps, hire me!). It’s no use trying to say where I’ll be next…if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that my little world can change in an instant, and life never really asks for my opinion or permission.

I’m not one to settle. I’m not sure if that means settle down or settle for less than everything? Maybe it’s both. I intend to change things up for as long as it takes for me to find whatever it is I’m looking for – I’ll be sure to let you know when I find it. Until then, I’ll use this (somewhat ill-titled) site to share mostly photographs, some musings, travel tips, maybe a tune or two. It’s a constant work in progress. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as I do.


 “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” – Rumi

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  1. This is fantastic Megan! You took that step, the hard part is over. So excited to see your journey unfold. I’ll be in Nepal 8 weeks in May and June, just something to keep in mind 🙂

  2. Hey! I randomly found your Instagram while searching hashtags and what struck my interest is how alike we are- especially with the photography and the desire to wander. Over the past few weeks, my boyfriend and I have been discussing the possible move to Thailand and I’m honestly all for it. I’m fact- I’ve been obsessing over it. I did some research about teaching ESL abroad and I can see you’ve started that as well! I was hoping you could give me some advice regarding teaching, where to go, and the visa process. I’ve been going through your blog and I find it so comforting to see that someone who holds dear the same goals and desire to go out there and make an adventure of ones life is actually doing it. Thanks for inspiring me even a little more to actually quit my job and create my own adventure. Any insight would help!

    Thanks !

  3. Hi, I only recently found your blog so I haven’t read too many posts yet, but from what I can see i think you might be interested in this…

    The reason I’m commenting is I have started a new weekly feature on my blog called Mixed up Mixtapes where each week I choose a theme (based around life living and working abroad) and I pick 5 songs that sum up that theme for me, sharing them in a blog post.

    Basically I’m reaching out to other bloggers out there and inviting them to make their own Mixed up Mixtape post based on the theme. This week’s theme is homesickness…


    If you are interested, feel free to make a post and just put a link back to my post somewhere and use the tag: mixed up mixtapes. I will be sharing other people’s contributions so you will likely get some extra visits from the followers of my blog 🙂

    Thanks! Kylie

  4. Just read your great piece on Bangkok in the KLM ezine so thought I’d check out your blog. I’ll be back to check out some more of your past posts as looks like lots to interest me. I’d love to be able to spend more time over there and explore more of the country. I’ve been blogging a little about my own trip over this past springtime too and finding some new areas to me like Koh Lipe and Thale Noi near Phatthalung. Wishing you many more adventures and look forward to reading about them. 🙂

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