discovering a home

As the hour that will mark a full week here in Thailand approaches, I figured it was time I sat down to write. Or, rather, to publish pieces of what I’ve already written – I’m being picky so it should still be brief. I’m overly stimulated right now – it’s nearly impossible to sit down and fully articulate all the things I’m feeling, seeing, doing, smelling…I’ve also noticed it has become much more difficult for me to write freely (even just writing by hand in my journal), likely due to my years writing for clients in a tone that was never my own. That or some deeper personality flaw, of course. But I have lots of time to work on it…

I’m still crashing with the boys in a one bedroom flat in the business district called Sathorn. I have a line up of interviews with some nearby schools and a completely different opportunity with a native Thai that is both unexpected and mind-blowing…vague, I know, but it’s worth the suspense.

I kind of jumped right into regular Bangkok living as soon as I got here. Sathorn is not a touristy area, but I explore it every day. There’s a big part of me that is just itching to cram in all the temples and beaches and markets and cooking classes and elephants and national parks all at once. But I’m not backpacking, like I have in the past. This is my home for the foreseeable future. While I’ll keep adding to the list (for the duration of my stay, I’m certain), I’m accepting and embracing the very “true life” experience I’m allowing myself.

Because the guys have their own schedules, I’m often left alone. I have allotted a portion of my weekdays to work on my portfolio, edit the Costa Rica wedding pictures, apartment hunt and apply to jobs. But obviously there’s no way I can stay inside all day, despite the oppressive humidity (which actually isn’t THAT terrible, outside of trying to run/work out in it. BLERG). I’ve discovered amazing alleys full of plants, quirky murals, ALL THE DOGS AND CATS, an outdoor “gym” where you’re serenaded by (awful) local karaoke fans, and some truly amazing Thai street food. I’ve had to learn Thai quickly…I overestimated the amount of English that would be spoken. I kind of love it though.

Riding on the back of Scott’s motorcycle (with a helmet, yes dad), weaving in and out of the crazy Bangkok traffic on our way to meet Thai friends for lunch, I feel like I could live here for a long time. I know I will get burnt out on Bangkok eventually – it’s a city and this girl needs her mountains and green and nature – but right now I feel like I’m in the right place. The greatest part? I’m really not tied to one thing and I’m only truly accountable to one person – ME.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I have primarily been using my iPhone for photos, so I’ve been adding them to my Tumblr. For photographs from the first week, click here:

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